Lot tracking with style.

Wherefour’s lot tracking capabilities automatically enforce lot numbers across all of your inventory items and maintains each lot number throughout the production process, in an easy to read style.

With Wherefour, manually tracking specific stock lots and lot codes on paper or spreadsheets is a thing of the past, and you won’t miss an important transaction. Full lot tracking features include:

  • Complete lot number tracking – from raw materials through finished goods.
  • Pack products into different sizes or containers and generate lot codes through that process.
  • Produce reports for a single inventory item from the originating vendor to all end-user customers – even through the manufacturing process.
  • See what lots and quantities were shipped to customers for a date range.

For those times when you are traveling or not in your production facility, you can also use all Wherefour features on ANY internet-connected device, such as a smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Our "just for food, beverage and natural products" software helps your growing company deal with lot tracking, inventory control, ingredient traceability and production costing so you can focus on managing the rest of your business.

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