Automate the flow of orders

Wherefour customers can automate workflows between platforms like:

Direct integrations:

via Zapier:

Save time handling large volumes of small orders.

New orders and customer records arrive in Wherefour automatically, from your ordering platform(s). From there, Wherefour can automatically pick and ship inventory and update fulfillment status. Or, if you prefer, handle pick and ship manually for extra control. Either way, you’re selling only what you actually have on hand.

Leverage Wherefour’s ability to handle kitting and bundled products and sell those on your store, without the need for third-party apps or workarounds. By routing your orders through Wherefour, you can add inventory forecasting, lot-code traceability, production planning, accurate costing to your workflow...easily!

Print labels and track shipments.

When it's time to fulfill orders, generate automatic shipping labels via ShipStation, and record the tracking number for each shipment. With Wherefour, you'll always know what products have been sent and which customers got them. Plus, COGS can be automatically sent to your accounting platform.

Time-saving order automation functions:

  • Automatically import orders from your ecommerce platform.
  • Automatically pick and ship orders.
  • Auto-generate invoices from orders for pick and ship, and include the lot code(s) shipped to the invoice.
  • Export invoices to your accounting platform, individually or in bulk.
  • Export credit memos to your accounting platform (QuickBooks® Online / Sage Intacct).
  • Manage all aspects of inventory in Wherefour and send COGS/COGM journal entries to your accounting platform.