Use your favorite accounting platform.

Wherefour's direct integration with popular accounting platforms helps you maintain customer and vendor records, purchase orders and invoices in the accounting system you already know and love. Unlike other ERPs that require you to move all your accounting functions, our integrations are designed to add ERP capabilities to the financial workflows you already do.

Connect your Wherefour account to an accounting package like QuickBooks® Online, QuickBooks® Desktop, Sage Intacct®, Microsoft Dynamics®, or Xero® and import all your existing customer records and do a one-button sync between systems any time you make a change.

Comprehensive accounting functions:

  • Import and sync customer and vendor records.
  • Auto-generate invoices from orders for pick and ship, and include the lot code(s) shipped to the invoice.
  • Export invoices to your accounting platform, individually or in bulk.
  • Export purchase orders to your accounting platform.
  • Export credit memos to your accounting platform (QuickBooks® Online / Sage Intacct).
  • Auto-generate PO Receivers (Sage Intacct only).
  • Manage all aspects of inventory in Wherefour and send COGS/COGM journal entries to your accounting platform.
  • Purchase ingredients and supplies in units of measurement different than how you use them.
  • Auto-generate POs in Wherefour when inventory gets low, and export them to your accounting platform.