Manage production, your way.

Wherefour’s work order-driven production module makes it easy to customize your production flow to what meets your needs. From consistent, daily production to production needs that are driven by your daily customer orders, we’ve got you covered.

Plus, Wherefour’s COGS tracking means that your true production unit costs are always just a click away.

It's a team effort...

As your business grows, it becomes even more critical to share production knowledge with teams, and organize that knowledge in a system everyone can use and understand. With Wherefour, your team is able to see the status of each work order and pull inventory and enter (or adjust) results as needed. Our "auto results" button even lets them save time by pre-filling the results of a batch, automatically.

Wherefour becomes the source of truth for your production and inventory activity, so that knowledge doesn’t walk out the door in the event of team changes.

The business metrics you need to be successful.

Quickly generate detailed cost reports for your production runs with breakdowns for raw materials and labor used, include standard cost variances. See what your inventory levels were in the past at a specific date and time, or how much material your business consumed in a certain time period. With our complete set of reporting tools, you keep an eagle eye on the health of your business and whether product costs are in line with expectations.