Give your suppliers some love.

Suppliers are the lifeblood of your production, so staying on top of what you need, who can provide it, and getting purchases checked into inventory quickly is key to keeping your day efficient. With Wherefour, you can maintain supplier records and notes, as well as generate purchase orders for what you need quickly.

Set pricing for each vendor and let Wherefour help you manage purchasing from the supplier with the best price. Volume discounts or tiered pricing is handled with ease, so whenever your team creates a purchase order, Wherefour selects the right price, automatically.

Comprehensive procurement functions to run business efficiently:

  • Full or partial check in of received goods against POs.
  • Auto-generate lot codes, barcodes and serial numbers for new inventory.
  • Receive purchases in bulk.
  • Easily maintain custom pricing for each vendor, including volume-based discounts.
  • Generate POs automatically, or based off an MRP analysis.
  • Purchases are tracked to the supplier provided them and the true cost of each purchase.
  • Email alerts when inventory items are below your reorder thresholds.
  • Purchase ingredients and supplies in units of measurement different than how you use them. Wherefour does the conversions automatically.
  • Automatically remove items from POs when something is missing from a supplier’s delivery.
  • Automatic wastage settings for inventory mean you can purchase in exact quantities but items are placed in inventory with the actual usable amounts.
  • Wherefour’s automatic purchase order feature can create POs for you when you run low on stock.
  • Attach and store files with your POs in the cloud and in one place! Perfect for documents like COAs or photos of the receiving vehicle and what you ordered.