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Cannabis and CBD producers face complex state regulations, often managed through systems like Metrc®. Wherefour, serving the industry since 2015, offers tailored integration with Metrc, ensuring start-to-finish traceability and compliance. Manage R&D, production, inventory, quality, and reporting seamlessly.

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Custom (and automatic) lot code, barcode or serial number sequences that incorporate batch date, expiration date, julian date, facility, location, etc.

Automatically pull ingredients and supplies via FIFO, FEFO, LIFO or on a per-batch need.

Print GS1, Code 128 or Code 93 barcodes for product, inventory, package or pallet labels.

Automatic alerts for expiring products or ingredients reaching low levels.

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Ensure compliance with our recall reports, integrating lot codes for traceability. Digitally archive COAs and delivery images with search tags. Customize QA tests to uphold traceability across stock lots or production runs.

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Hightech Labs

When Hightech Labs partnered with Wherefour, they immediately started their own product development efforts. Wherefour’s ease of use freed up enough time to make this possible and profitable. “The ‘before’ and ‘after’ in using Wherefour are like apples and oranges,” says Kearney. “We’ve experienced growth that wouldn’t have been possible without Wherefour."

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