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A modern ERP for commercial bakeries

Bakeries typically experience demand that fluctuates daily and seasonally, so it can be a challenge to stay on top of production needs with traditional systems.

Modern bakery production software needs to handle process manufacturing and track ingredients through any production or assembly process. A good system should also provide quick information about the chain of activity in the event of a surprise inspection or recall. Wherefour's start-to-finish traceability™ is ideal for keeping contaminated products from reaching the market.

Plan daily production needs from standing customer orders, or use Wherefour's B2B ordering portal to let wholesale customers place and manage their own orders online. Alerts are generated when new orders come in, and your production can adjust accordingly.

Whether you private-label, co-pack or produce your own line of bakery items, Wherefour's bakery management software supports and maintains your requirements for the R&D, production, inventory control, quality, costing, BRC / SQF lot traceability, FDA compliance, planning, scheduling, and warehousing or distribution of baked goods.

Wherefour's flexible bakery production module lets you design a custom workflow for production or packaging that matches the process you are already doing. Overhead, like labor or unexpected costs for a specific production run, can also be added and included in COGS automatically.

Unlike many traditional ERPs, Wherefour's platform lets you create variable results from each batch, or even run a disassembly process where something is purchased and broken into new ingredients that are then used in other products.

Everything you need, in one system.

Bakery Inventory Control

Custom (and automatic) lot code, barcode or serial number sequences that incorporate batch date, expiration date, julian date, facility, location, etc.

Automatically pull ingredients and supplies via FIFO, FEFO, LIFO or on a per-batch need.

Print GS1, Code 128 or Code 93 barcodes for product, inventory, package or pallet labels.

Automatic alerts for expiring products or ingredients reaching low levels.

Recipe & Cost Management

  • Manage and organize your master recipes and production instructions, including base products and variants.
  • Add overhead such as labor time or equipment rental costs to specific formulas, or just to specific production batches.
  • Maintain and track standard cost and yield variances.
  • Purchase ingredients and supplies in bulk, in different units of measurement and convert them to your recipe units.

Ingredient Traceability

  • Run instant reports showing the inventory movements or changes made by each user.
  • Automatically show shipped lot code detail on customer orders and invoices.
  • Instant forwards/backwards or bi-directional trace reports.

Food Safety / Compliance

  • Recall and production trace reports show which customers got which products (with lot codes!) with one-click.
  • Upload and maintain COAs, bills of lading, photos of deliveries, or other compliance paperwork digitally in one system with searchable tags for easy recall when needed.
  • Design custom QA tests and attach results to stock lots or production runs.


  • Directly integrate with QuickBooks® Online, QuickBooks® Desktop, Sage Intacct, Microsoft Dynamics or Xero.
  • Sync customer/vendor records with your accounting system.
  • Export invoices and POs to your accounting system.
  • Easily create journal entries for COGS, COGM, or inventory purchasing and usage.

Loved by our customers

Wherefour has everything we need and is affordable. I can travel and still know what is going on. The system automatically lets me know if I need to place an inventory order, and I don’t have to check it manually.

Diana Cortes-Blanquicet, Co-Founder

The traceability and certification compliance that Wherefour makes possible guarantees that our future is bright. Look for us at a few national chains soon.

Ryan Cornilsen, President


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