Track and manage every bit of inventory.

Wherefour’s inventory management features show you at a glance what is on hand and helps you keep an eye on inventory that is close to your preferred "reorder" point.

With our blended inventory cost™ approach, you can track the exact costs of each stock lot and maintain accurate, instant records on who did what to your inventory and where it went. You can even make a full range of inventory adjustments as needed to keep the virtual world in sync with the real world.

With Wherefour’s inventory and lot tracking capabilities on the job, drill into any item in inventory to see on hand amounts, status, cost and traceability aspects. You can put specific lots on hold or quarantine to keep them from being used in production.

Define how you want to organize and manage your inventory.

Want to group it by category? Great, you can create as many categories as you need. Have specific needs for lot or barcoding coding and need to track items by location? You can do that too.

Make corrections or change counts or cost to any stock lot in your system. Everything will be tracked and traced for you, including costs, automatically!

Log expiration dates and pull inventory for production based on FIFO, FEFO, LIFO or user-selected lots and transfer inventory between locations with a couple of clicks. Wherefour even lets you set reorder and automatic wastage amounts for each type of inventory and will send you email alerts when your quantities get below your set thresholds.

Do you work with catch weights, or need to track inventory in one unit of measurement, take orders in a different unit of measurement, invoice in yet another one and pick and ship in yet another? No problem, we can handle it!

When you are ready to physically label your inventory, Wherefour lets you print GS1-128, Code 128 or Code 93 barcode labels with one click.