Wherefour + Quickbooks™ Desktop = best of both worlds.

As a Quickbooks Desktop user, you likely chose it for more capabilities around inventory management and manufacturing functions. Our integration adds the power of Wherefour’s start-to-finish™ traceability and MRP features to the Quickbooks Desktop (Pro, Premier or Enterprise) accounting package you already know and love.

Our integration allows you to automatically import all your customer and vendor records into Wherefour, and once imported, changes you make to a record in either system can be “synced” with the click of a button. It saves you a lot of time, especially if you work with a lot of customers and vendors. 

You can also create invoices and POs in your Wherefour account and click a button to send them over to Quickbooks Desktop. Quickbooks Desktop will recognize the products you are selling (or buying) and treat the invoice or PO just like any other you’ve created. When you are ready to update your COGS in Quickbooks Desktop, Wherefour can even create general journal entries for your inventory costs.

Quickbooks Desktop integration is included at no extra cost for Manufacturer Plan subscriptions.


Our "just for food, beverage and natural products" software helps your growing company deal with lot tracking, inventory control, ingredient traceability and production costing so you can focus on managing the rest of your business.

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