Communicate with your customers and suppliers via EDI.

If you are a company of size, or starting to grow quickly, you likely deal with large customers and suppliers with complex systems of their own and need to quickly and conveniently pass information back and forth. Many of these large companies run legacy supply chain systems that rely on EDI as the technology to get data in and out from the companies they work with.

EDI (electronic data interchange) is used by companies such as UNFI, Costco, Walmart to generate and accept orders, shipment receipts, invoices and other business documents that need to be shared. As a technology, EDI is a scheme where files are transmitted between systems and formatted in a standard pre-agreed format, such as XML or CSV files. Wherefour partners with key middleware EDI providers to help our customers implement EDI for their businesses to address working with these legacy systems, yet use all the power and modern features of Wherefour’s traceability/ERP system.  

Ask us for more information about an EDI solution for your business — we’d be glad to chat more about what is involved for your specific business and workflow needs. 

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