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You’ve probably been reading plenty of news about the “blockchain” and how it’s going to revolutionize manufacturing industries. And it’s true! The technology of a blockchain goes a long way in solving the myriad of issues with protecting our supply chain, providing transparency for consumers, government regulators and suppliers, and establishing a standard means of communicating supply chain information between large and small organizations.

So what is a “blockchain”? It’s a decentralized (owned collectively) and encrypted ledger. Think of it as a log book that lives on the internet and can be read and accessed by anyone needing to get information. This information is encrypted and immutable once it is recorded, which makes it very appealing for traceability. There’s more to the technology, of course, but at its core a blockchain is just a modern form of an accounting ledger. 

What’s the catch? Well….there are many large and small organizations currently experimenting with blockchain for their operations (Walmart, for example) and until each industry develops a common standard for their blockchain, there isn’t really anything to connect to – just yet anyway.  

Even if an industry-wide blockchain existed now, it’s just a place to record transactions and pass data back and forth. You’d still need a system to run to create your transaction data, manage inventory, organize according to your business needs and production processes and have something user-friendly to work with. 

Unlike other traceability/ERP software on the market, Wherefour’s technology is purposely built with today’s modern cloud-based and mobile-device infrastructure. We have designed our traceability logs to connect to a blockchain when it makes sense to do so. Our team is actively monitoring what each industry is developing and ready to jump in when a standard gains ground.

Until then, our customers are happily making their businesses more efficient by getting production and supply chain data recorded now, in one easy-to-understand and use system.

Our ERP software for growing manufacturers helps with inventory control, lot tracking, material traceability and production costing so you can focus on managing the rest of your business.

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