Power up your operation with cloud-friendly hardware.

Using a fully cloud-based platform means you have a lot of choice and flexibility when it comes to hardware. We’ve built Wherefour with our own proprietary technology, which also lets us drive the quality of your experience and help streamline your business processes.

We’ve partnered with some companies that provide best-of-breed options for today’s manufacturers. Contact us for more information.

Rugged and Mobile.

Your software needs to work where you do, whether that’s on your factory floor or on your next business trip. That’s why many of our customers like running Wherefour from a tablet. Touchscreen-driven and portable, tablets are a great fit with our friendly and approachable interface.

Zebra offers some ruggedized, drop and temperature-proof tablets that work perfectly with Wherefour. They even have a built-in laser barcode scanner, so finding and picking inventory is a snap. The catcher’s mitt-style case makes it easy for workers to bring the power of Wherefour with them.

Production-ready covers for iPads, phones and other mobile devices.

Water-proof, drop-proof, snow-proof and dirt-proof iPad Pro cases from companies like LifeProof let you mobilize your team.

Barcode scanners and data entry.

For laptops, desktops and workstations, tethered laser barcode scanners are a great way to quickly find lot and barcoded inventory and what products to pick and ship.

Wherefour even has lot code and barcode label templates that you can customize and use to print labels for physical application to your inventory.

Contact us for more information on how Wherefour can help automate your business…

Our ERP software for growing manufacturers helps with inventory control, lot tracking, material traceability and production costing so you can focus on managing the rest of your business.

Serious software that's seriously easy.™

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