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Here are just a few of the amazing companies growing their businesses with Wherefour:

GIANT Snacks

Premium quality nuts and seeds
Whapeton, North Dakota

Strands Hair Care

Custom shampoos and conditioners
Los Angeles, California

Friendly Soap Co.

Natural & biodegradable soaps and shampoos
West Yorkshire, UK

Logo - Lemon Perfect

Lemon Perfect

Cold-pressed lemon water
Atlanta, Georgia

The Village Piemaker

Handmade, ready-to-bake goodness
Eustis, Nebraska

DOU Bakehouse

Baked goodies for major theme parks
Orlando, Florida


Fresh frozen pizza dough
Dayton, Ohio

Hawthorne Valley Ferments

Organic fermented products
Ghent, New York

Malicious Women Co.

Bold and Sassy Candles
Snohomish, WA

Grateful Bread

Authentic artisan breads
Sacramento, California

East West Sauces

Delicious Asian Fusion Sauces
Denver, Colorado

Uncle's Handmade

Hand-made ice cream sandwiches
Oahu, Hawaii

G2G Bar

Refrigerated protein bars
Orem, Utah


Technology and Systems for Food
Raleigh, North Carolina

Eclipse Foods

Cowlessly creamy ice cream
Berkeley, California


Premium vegan lip balms
Whitefish, Montana

Activation Products

Products and supplements made with the purest & most potent natural ingredients
Cobourg, Canada

Plant Science Laboratories

Micronized CBD powder capsules
Buffalo, New York

Logo - FoodBerry


Edible barrier materials through biomimicry
Boston, Massachusetts

Logo - Hightech Extracts


Supercritical CO2 Extraction
Biddeford, Maine

Common Colabs

Specialty beverage co-packing
Knox, Indiana

SOMA Chocolatemaker

Curiously delicious chocolate creations
Toronto, Canada

Chews Happiness

Eco-friendly products for dogs
Boulder, Colorado

Chill Pop

Frozen Fruit Pops
Cleveland, Ohio

Idaho Natural & Organic Foods

Organic, kosher and gluten-free co-packer
Mountain Home, Idaho

Ervin Enterprises

Co-Manufacturer for dog treats
Simi Valley, California

Sweet Grass Dairy

Delicious hand-crafted cheese
Thomasville, Georgia

LeafSide Foods

Plant based healthy meals
Phoenix, Arizona


Caviar without compromise
New York / Italy

Donmar Health & Beauty

Quality beauty products since 1980
Ontario, Canada

Savor Tooth Paleo

organic, prebiotic, low-glycemic products
Kellogg, Idaho


Instant focus, increased stamina & recovery
Salt Lake City, Utah

Brand Labs USA

Experienced beauty brand incubator.
Pompano Beach, Florida

Indian Creek Hemp

Organically-grown Hemp products
Sheridan, Illinois

Well Found Foods

Modern grab-n-go food
Washington, DC

Logo - Kifcure


Total Hemp Solutions
Maple Park, Illinois

MacKellar Farms

Locally grown edamame
Alvinston, Ontario

Cloud Manufacturing Co.

Nano emulsions for THC products
Biddeford, Maine

Yum Chop

Home cooked meals from around the world
Kingston, United Kingdom

Eterna 1440

Processing for CBD and cannabis
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Louisville Vegan Jerky Co.

Plant-based protein snacks
Louisville, Kentucky

Logo - Calcutta Boats

Calcutta Boats

Performance catamaran yachts and fishing machines
Sarasota, Florida

Feed Your Soul Bakery

Delicious desserts for perfect gifts
New York City, New York

Logo - Volflex


Custom foil laminated sandwich wraps
Mokena, IL

Pacific Pickle Works

The original west coast pickle co.
Santa Barbara, California

Norman Love Confections

Artisinal, hand-crafted chocolates
Fort Myers, Florida

Luminary Bakery

Social enterprise bakery
London, UK

Logo - Tinley's

Tinley's Beverages

Cannabis-infused sparkling tonics
Long Beach, California

Waco Bottling

Co-packer specializing in hot-fill
Woodway, Texas

Nourishe Organics

Organic personal care products
Tequesta, Florida

Logo - Spicewalla

Spicewalla Brand

Chef-driven high quality spices
Asheville, North Carolina

Logo - Pauls Custom Pet Food

Paul's Custom Pet Food

Fresh, healthier food for dogs + cats
New Milford, Connecticut

Everyday Oil

100% Plant-based unisex skincare
Asheville, North Carolina

Critical Mass Group

Accelerator for beverage brands
Hermosa Beach, California


Tobacco-free dip pouches
Clearwater, Florida

Allan's Coffee & Tea

High quality coffee and tea since 1972
Albany, Oregon

Sonoma Brinery

Gourmet pickles and sauerkraut
Healdsburg, California

Sappho New Paradigm

Consciously curated makeup line
Vancouver, British Columbia

Logo - Modjoul


An IOT platform to keep employees safe
Greenville, South Carolina

Sawgrass Nutra Labs

Dietary supplement manufacturer for leading brands
Jacksonville, Florida

"Traceability during our last audit was a slam dunk!"

- Sarah Frimpong

“I LOVE Wherefour, it is the best decision I made this year.”

- Cyfrin Barefoot

“I would definitely recommend Wherefour to anyone with a product manufacturing business.”

- Lizzy Davis

“I can travel and still know what is going on. The system automatically lets me know if I need to place an inventory order, and I don’t have to check it manually.”

- Diana Cortes-Blanquicet

"We use Wherefour daily for our manufacturing business and it saves us so much in time in terms of keeping track of inventory and managing our customers. The integrations with Metrc were also a big deal for us and it streamlines all of our operations into just 1 platform."
- Owen Ware

“The software is straightforward to build out and super simple to navigate. It is so easy to use that it saves us time in a lot of ways including training new employees because it is not confusing or complex. We recently were audited by a customer with very stringent traceability requirements and demonstrated that we knew where all of the product went within five minutes. ”

- Allison Buell

“We chose Wherefour as our ERP system because it is elegantly simple and does what we need efficiently. It has really helped with audit traceability exercises. We have what we need in five minutes with a click of a button, and you don’t have to be an IT director to use it. Anyone from the shop floor or the chain of command can easily figure it out. ”

- Cheriene Griffith

“I could not be happier with the Wherefour experience. They are so willing to understand our business needs and they are consistently attempting to work with us in order to be successful. Truly "Our success is their success" attitude!”

- Greg Chisolm

“I want to say how much we are enjoying the system. It's changing the way we do business.”

- Michael Cimo

Our ERP software for growing manufacturers helps with inventory control, lot tracking, material traceability and production costing so you can focus on managing the rest of your business.

Serious software that's seriously easy.™

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