An easier way to manage customers and orders!

Our customizable B2B ordering portal lets you give your customers access to their own orders, standing orders and invoice history. You control what products  customers can order and what prices they pay. Wherefour can even apply promotional pricing for each customer based on the time of year or the volume of product they purchase.

Your customers will love the control over their own ordering process and your staff will love using their newly freed time elsewhere in your business.

Quoting, ordering and invoicing modules let you design custom documents for large jobs and easily generate them for your customers.

Create work orders from a set of customer orders and Wherefour will automatically multiply your recipes up or down to produce the exact quantities needed — perfect for wholesale bakeries or manufacturers with different production volumes each day.

Accounting and e-commerce integrations.

Wherefour helps you maintain customer records, orders and notes in one system.

Connect your Wherefour account to an accounting package like QuickBooks® Online, QuickBooks Desktop,  Sage Intacct, Microsoft Dynamics®, or Xero® and import all your existing customer records and do a one-button sync between systems any time you make a change.

Automatically import ecommerce orders from Shopify or ShipStation directly, or connect Wherefour to Zapier to take advantage of getting data into and out of 2,000 other systems.

Pick, ship, and track who gets what.

More features to help you stay on top of orders:

  • Set up different price tiers for your products for specific customers.
  • Apply calendar-based pricing for custom seasonal discounts or surcharges.
  • Generate and send invoices to your accounting platform or turn them into PDFs for emailing.
  • Pick and ship module lets you do full or partial shipments based on customer or route.
  • DSD (direct store delivery) helps delivery drivers organize and get the right products to customers on their routes.
  • Mobile barcode scanner lets delivery drivers track and record specific lot codes delivered.
  • Automatically add lot numbers to customer order and invoices. Ideal if you make organic or highly regulated products.
  • Track orders by salesperson.
  • Create standing orders for frequent customers.
  • Generate custom shipping manifest and warehouse pick list layouts with bar codes and your own photos, or logos.
  • Keep tabs on which customers got which products and lot codes – including who did the shipment (or delivery) and when they did it.

Generate custom documents.

Wherefour’s visual PDF layout editor lets you create the perfect set of documents you need to run your business efficiently. Want to add a logo, barcode labels or photos, or change the colors and fonts on documents for your customers? No problem!

Our ERP software for growing manufacturers helps with inventory control, lot tracking, material traceability and production costing so you can focus on managing the rest of your business.

Serious software that's seriously easy.™

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