Wherefour Gives a Powerful Advantage in an Audit | On-Demand

March 21, 2023

Kellerman Consulting has a proven track record of helping their clients implement food safety and quality management certification programs. In this “Ask the Expert” webinar, you’ll learn simple steps to guarantee audit readiness:

  • • How does an auditor decide what to ask for
  • • What records do I show the auditor
  • • Mock recalls in seconds and more

In addition to offering a multitude of consulting resources, Kellerman identifies Wherefour’s ERP platform as the software solution to being audit ready. Wherefour’s cloud-based design keeps everything at your fingertips. Every aspect of audit compliance — ingredient traceability, production work orders, vendor information, or any necessary testing documentation — is easily accessible at a moment’s notice. Whether you are leading the audit with a prepared presentation, or an auditor is trying to surprise you with a random records request, Wherefour has you covered.

Using Wherefour on a day-to-day basis gives your manufacturing operation an immediate competitive advantage. And when it’s already integrated into your daily operations, the edge it gives you during an audit is unparalleled. Demonstrate preparedness and confidence during your next audit. Wherefour is ready – are you?

Watch the Webinar On-Demand