What to consider when setting up a new ERP

Bridget Conley
August 29, 2019
  • Find out what resources are available to you
  • Check for videos or user guides. Many systems have advice on where to start.
  • Make a list of your inventory data
  • Make a list of ALL the items you buy, produce, and sell
  • Clean up and organize your list
  • Data should be up-to-date, easy to follow, and all in one spot
  • Finalize production steps and document
  • Record all recipes/formulas/packaging & yields for each step
  • Standardize on your company’s lot code strategy
  • Production and stock lot codes will be needed for traceability
  • Stock lot codes will be needed for raw materials and packaging
  • Consider using something simple to start — for example a julian date works great for most companies