Ripe For Reformulation | The "Ozempic Era" And What It Could Mean For Snack Food Manufacturers

October 17, 2023

Recently, we explored the importance of simplifying reformulation and ingredient tracking. Now let’s take a closer look at one trend that could potentially call for reformulation. Journalists, influencers and bloggers are all talking about it. In fact, the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Food Institute and others have highlighted this trend to an extent that it’s no longer simply a trend, it’s an era. Welcome to The Ozempic Era.

Rather than digging into the causes and social implications of this pharmaceutical-fueled trend, let’s explore the challenges and opportunities created by it. People who are taking weight-loss drugs report a reduction in appetite which leads to less between-meals snacking. Since studies project that 7% of the US population (roughly 24 million people) will be taking a prescription weight-loss drug by 2035, snack food manufacturers might want to prepare for this change.

If consumers are anticipated to have smaller appetites, here are two possible ways that manufacturers could adjust. The same great snack could be made in a smaller serving size to attract smaller appetites. Or, the recipe could be tweaked to pack more nutrition into a between-meals bite. Snacks that offer more protein and fiber with less calories will surely retain popularity, and a smaller package could be just what is needed for a shrinking craving. Successful snack food companies will have no problem keeping their loyal customers if they’re able to adapt to changing consumer demands.

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