Spreadsheets vs. ERP Software | How Tech Platforms Can Streamline and Strengthen Your Business

November 15, 2023

It is common for small and medium-sized enterprises to list the financial pros and cons before investing in tech solutions. After all, spreadsheets are practically free! But there are plenty of hidden costs in NOT using a tech solution, because spreadsheet management subtly creates more problems than it solves.

Sure, tracking your inventory, ingredient usage, and purchase order needs in a spreadsheet is free. That is, when things are going smoothly. But what happens when you fall behind in manually entering data? Or your spreadsheet manager quits? Or when they are on vacation? Or when multiple users are entering inconsistent information? All of those hurdles are stacking on operational costs and likely material costs due to errors. Aside from those big picture scenarios, here are a few examples of where spreadsheets can fall short:

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The advantages offered by ERP software are numerous, and these three examples are addressed instantly. Data stored in the cloud can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Data entry is instantaneous (and many times automated instead of manual) and does not require translation or transcription. And lastly, a cloud-based ERP platform is maintained, updated, and customizable with the help of tech professionals who do the training, maintenance, and upgrades for you.

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When problems arise with data stored in an off-line format, workflow comes to a screeching halt and labor costs skyrocket. But when data is stored in a cloud-based platform where all users have access and a safety net of auto-generated date & time stamps, solutions are at the fingertips of your entire team. Essential information is accessible and trustworthy for everyone, at all times.

Although the initial investment of a cloud-based ERP platform might seem daunting, the immediate payoff is quantifiable and dramatic and the opportunities for next-level growth are unlimited. Using a centralized, cloud-based platform eliminates the need for one all-knowing manager. It eliminates the reliance on human data entry and human accuracy. Someone wise once said, “To err is human, cloud-based ERP is divine.”

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