Sit Down with GreenRx-ID

November 11, 2020

Recently I had the good fortune to meet Samirah Ibrahim Vice President of Operations at GreenRx-ID™, an important labeling and barcoding resource for companies within the Cannabis industry. Sam was kind enough to break down exactly how GreenRx-ID™ is specialized towards the cannabis industry. They provide “barcode solutions for compliance labeling for all sectors of the cannabis industry. GreenRx-ID™ brings real expertise and skill in developing innovative identification solutions to the cannabis industry, particularly for cultivation centers, testing and extraction laboratories, manufacturing & distribution centers, and dispensaries. As the cannabis industry is becoming increasingly regulated, the need for a company that has experience in barcode and RFID compliance labeling becomes more crucial. We design an identification workflow tailored to each operation, and we can integrate all the elements required for product labeling and more.”

We all seek ways to become more efficient and utilize technology to our advantage. Companies like GreenRx-ID™ are making this easy in the cannabis industry. From seed to sale, tracking and tracing are of paramount importance. Tagging plants, identifying specimens in labs, bar-coding retail products, applying expiration dates and more – barcodes, labels, and scanners help streamline this process. Concurrently, compliance labeling in cannabis businesses can help companies protect their customers and themselves in the event of a recall.

So why do companies cultivate relationships with GreenRx-ID™? Sam explained that while it is easy to hop on websites like Google and Amazon to find cheap printers, labelers, and scanners, it is important to consider the long term needs of your company. With generic brands you get lower quality products but more importantly lower quality of support and service. She made the point that if you need assistance to get your hardware hooked up to ERPs or other software, who do you call? The best you can hope for is a 1-800 number or email for the printer/scanner company and then you only receive support for generic issues covered in a binder!

Sam explained that cultivating lasting relationships with companies like GreenRx-ID™ results in more efficient workflow, quality products, personal support, and a partner that can assist your business to improve and grow. GreenRx-ID™ can help Cannabis clients figure out how to become a properly labeled and efficient business. “It depends on the type of business within the industry – understanding the compliance/standards for your state, municipality, etc. Understanding what your business needs to get started and making sure you have room for growth with the right equipment for your application.”

These are some of the reasons Wherefour has partnered with GreenRx-ID™. For more information, visit their website at Companies can also email or ask a Wherefour representative to connect you!