The Importance of Lot Tracking in Food and Beverage Manufacturing

August 30, 2023

Everyone in the Food & Beverage industry already knows how important it is to have effective and efficient track and trace systems in place. Traceability is not only part of an operation’s best practices, it is also federally mandated and a cornerstone of our ever-increasing commitment to public health and safety. And as the food supply chain continues to grow, it is imperative that every single item on that chain has unique and traceable data. This is why using lot codes is essential for every operation’s success.

Assigning lot codes to food and beverage items and then being able to follow that unique lot code all the way to the end user is essential for public health and safety. Whether the lot code is assigned to a single item going straight to the end user or whether it belongs to a single ingredient in a multi-ingredient end product, having accurate and available access to its whereabouts is paramount. It is equally important for when things are going great (Sales on item “x” were record-breaking, so let’s reorder!) as it is for when things are not going great (There’s been a recall on item “x.” Trace every production run containing “x!”).

The current tech market is ripe with ways to make lot code tracking easy and affordable. Cloud-based platforms such as Wherefour do the same work in an instant that used to take hours and multiple file cabinets. Data stored in a cloud-based ERP platform is accessible anytime, anywhere. Reports — both to show how well things are going AND to enable quick recall reaction times — can be generated at a moment’s notice with accurate and intuitive information.

Lot codes are essential to producers and consumers alike. And having a system in place for lot code tracking will guarantee success in your operation’s day-to-day production, in your mandatory regulatory affairs, and in the peace of mind knowing that you are ready for anything. For more insight into lot code best practices, follow this link.