Challenges and Strategies for Growing Your Food Manufacturing Company

April 02, 2024

The challenges of scaling up are similar across all industries. All industries require smart navigation around personnel matters, capital and asset management, and changing consumer trends. But here are three challenges that are unique to the Food Manufacturing Industry and the strategies that can help you succeed:


Subscriptions and Automated Delivery are Here to Stay

The pandemic temporarily shifted how we meal plan, grocery shop, and eat. And a lot of those shifts seem like they’re here to stay. Bringing a product to market in today’s landscape isn’t limited to an actual brick and mortar market. Now the market includes meal kits and grocery subscriptions which are delivered to consumers in a variety of ways… even by drone!


Engaging with your consumers is a MUST. Know what they want, when they want it, and how to keep them coming back. Having a comprehensive CRM tool and a dynamic customer service team is the key to staying current with consumer trends and satisfaction.


Diets and Influencers Change Fast and Often

The health and wellness influence on the food manufacturing industry results in quick changes of what’s in and what’s out. One minute we’re Atkins dieting, the next we’re raw foodies. And social media influencers have a lot of sway, so information moves quickly and constantly.


Smart companies can scale up in an ever-changing industry with redundant use of manufacturing equipment. During product development, whenever possible use what you already have in order to launch new flavors, versions and varieties.


Be Ready for Anything

Working with food means that you’re working with perishable and often unpredictable materials. No two crops are ever the same, and as a result, deliverability is often a moving target. Although supply chain disruptions happen in every industry, consumable products are next level with their unpredictability.


Scaling up despite the uncertainty is made possible with a trusted ERP software partner and capacity planning capabilities. Businesses that make the most of their data, prioritize traceability, and constantly ask “What if?” will always have a Plan B.

Scaling up in the Food Manufacturing Industry is challenging to be sure. But with the right strategies, a strong team, and trustworthy partners, success is within reach.

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