The Benefits of Using a Co-Packer

January 17, 2024

Some food and beverage companies excel at being a one-stop-shop. They do it all under one roof and that’s great! But luckily, there’s another option. Co-packers reduce the production overhead for businesses who want to outsource part of their manufacturing process. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using a co-packer.

What is a co-packer?

A contract packer (commonly known as a co-packer) is a specialized third-party company that handles part or all of the packaging and assembly processes. Unlike a contract manufacturer (commonly known as a co-manufacturer) that also handles the product development and formulation, a co-packer allows a business to maintain exclusive control of their brand while also reducing the cost and stress of end-to-end production.

Co-packers help you maximize efficiency and profitability.

Co-packers have access to extensive resources and facilities. They already own and operate the technical equipment necessary to assemble and package products. They have access to optimized supply chains and are connected to logistical freight networks for both incoming and outgoing goods. Using their resources and facilities allows manufacturing brands to focus on development, formulation, and sales instead of production.

Co-packers offer regulatory compliance.

Trusted co-packers have quality control protocols in place, so their partners don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Because a co-packer handles product lines for multiple brands, they stay up-to-date with state, federal, and industry-specific certifications. And they are on the cutting edge of industry research and development and can offer guidance for product packaging design and functionality.

Co-packers can provide a time-saving and profit-increasing advantage in today’s fast-paced manufacturing sector. Whether it’s in helping a small to medium-sized business launch their products or maintaining their continued success, co-packers are a sound solution for food and beverage companies. For a more in-depth look at prioritizing food safety in selecting a co-packer, read this article from our partners at Kellerman Consulting.

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