Great products deserve great software.

Wherefour is used by companies who make or move products and don't have time to spend learning out of date platforms that can't travel with them. Use Wherefour on desktops, tablets, or phones. Wherever you are, we are!

Generate the data you need to pass your next audit or inspection with flying colors. Enable your team to confidently produce batches of product and get the cost reports and inventory control tools you need.

Spend less time on production and more time responding to growing demand for your products.

Inventory control that rocks.

Save up to 25% on labor and inventory with an inventory control system that lets you focus on running your business, not managing spreadsheets or doing periodic inventory checks.

Everything you need, in one system.

Material traceability that's second to none.

Today's manufacturing and distribution requires instant recall of what was produced, where it went, and who received it. Your business depends on it.

Wherefour's platform was built for traceability. It's not an afterthought. Every piece of inventory has a lot code and is trackable. Run activity reports to see what changed or run recall and trace reports for instant data during audits, inspections or due diligence with new customers.

Wherefour can even serialize your stock lots and lets you design custom lot code, bar code and serial number sequences so that they can be applied automatically when receiving or producing new material.

Loved by our customers

“I could not be happier with the Wherefour experience. They are so willing to understand our business needs and they are consistently attempting to work with us in order to be successful. Truly an "Our success is their success" attitude!”

Greg C.

“I can travel and still know what is going on. The system automatically lets me know if I need to place an inventory order, and I don’t have to check it manually. Plus, you have the best customer service!”

Diana C.

“We use Wherefour daily for our manufacturing business and it saves us so much in time in terms of keeping track of inventory and managing our customers.”

Owen W.

“We recently were audited by a customer with very stringent traceability requirements and demonstrated that we knew where all of the product went within five minutes.”

Allison B.

“We chose Wherefour as our ERP because it is elegantly simple and does what we need efficiently. It has really helped with audit traceability exercises. We have what we need in five minutes with a click of a button, and you don’t have to be an IT director to use it.”

Cheriene G.

“I want to say how much we are enjoying the system. It's changing the way we do business.”

Michael C.

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