Give your suppliers some love.

Suppliers are the lifeblood of your production, so staying on top of what you need, who can provide it, and getting purchases checked into inventory quickly is key to keeping your day efficient. With Wherefour, you can maintain supplier records and notes for each one, as well as generate purchase orders for what you need quickly.

Connect your account to Quickbooks Online™ and you can also import and sync vendor records with your Quickbooks Online account, as well as send purchase orders to Quickbooks.

Other features to help you stay on top of purchasing:

  • Do a full (or partial) check in of received goods and assign lot codes.
  • All purchases are tracked as to which supplier provided them and the true cost of each purchase.
  • Wherefour can send you email alerts when inventory items are below your reorder thresholds.
  • Purchase your ingredients and supplies in different units of measurement than how you use them in production. Wherefour does the conversions for you automatically.
  • Automatically remove items from POs when something is missing from a supplier’s delivery.
  • Automatic wastage settings for inventory mean you can purchase in exact quantities but items are placed in inventory with the actual usable amounts.
  • NEW! Wherefour’s automatic purchase order feature creates POs for you when you run low on stock.

Our "just for food, beverage and natural products" software helps your growing company deal with lot tracking, inventory control, ingredient traceability and production costing so you can focus on managing the rest of your business.

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