Senior Rails Backend Engineer (full-time + 100% remote)

Hi, fellow Ruby Weekly Reader!
We’re Ruby fans ourselves. The full description of the job is below, but here’s the TL;DR version:

  • We believe that knowing EXACTLY what goes into a product is important, especially if people are going to be eating or drinking it, applying it to their bodies, giving it to their pets, or putting it in their house.
  • Consumer product companies need to be able to trace raw materials accurately as they make their way through a production process. Our software helps them do this by tracking all the ingredients used, monitoring the costs of each batch, and recorded which customers got the products.
  • We’re providing a modern ERP for manufacturers. Most ERP platforms are 20-30 years old and it’s time for someone to do it better.
  • We build with Ruby, Rails, Postgres, Boostrap, Vue, AWS, Stripe, Devise, Pundit, Sidekiq and a little bit of meta programming.
  • This position is 100% remote, U.S. or Canada and full time with benefits, including stock options. We’ve been a 100% remote team since the very beginning!

put “Senior Rails Engineer” in the subject line and email your resume and cover letter to jobs [ *at* ] OR click to apply via LinkedIn. Please don’t call or fill out our inquiry form as we won’t be able to respond that way. Thank you!

Companies that make consumer products need better tools to protect their businesses and their customers and be able to trace raw materials accurately as they make their way through a production process. Knowing exactly what goes into a product is especially important these days.

Wherefour’s cloud-based and mobile-friendly ERP/traceability software makes it easier for product manufacturers (think packaged food and beverages, personal care products, cannabis, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paint, nutraceuticals, pet food, etc.) to track and lot code their ingredients, monitor the costs of each production batch, and keep track of which customers got what products. 

We like to get stuff done, rather than spend time in meetings, so you’ll spend the majority of your time working on actual functionality.

What You’ll Do
Work on our platform, implement new features, build integrations to other platforms and expand the capabilities of our platform and business.

Design is a key differentiator for our app. You don’t need to be a designer, but we are looking for the type of developer who thinks like us — great design and user experience determine how a feature is built, so design is not an afterthought.

You will need solid skills with Ruby on Rails, Postgres, Bootstrap and some javascript. We host directly on AWS and keep gems to a minimum but do rely on: Stripe, Devise, Pundit, Shrine and Sidekiq. There is a steady stream of complex programming puzzles for us to solve, and you will have a strong voice in the evolution of our app.

Ideally, you have some familiarity with manufacturing, warehousing, or inventory control concepts and some exposure to consumer packaged goods businesses.

About Us
We’re a small (16 people) but globally-focused and fast growing company with a distributed workforce in the U.S. and Canada. We currently have customers in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia/New Zealand and South America.

Qualifications & Experience:

      • 5+ years professional development experience.
      • Shipped and maintained a commercial Ruby or RoR product or worked for a company that builds commercial-grade apps for clients.
      • Self starter, thinks like an owner and cares about the end result.
      • Takes responsibility for building solutions that solve customer pain and are easy to use.
      • Comfortable working in a smaller company, appreciates variety and a culture attuned to create a high quality product and customer experience.
      • Owns more than just the code (e.g. some level of specifications, UI and testing).
      • Collaborative, good communication skills, able to give and receive constructive feedback and works well in a distributed team.
      • Based in the U.S.A. or Canada and a citizen of the country.

Our ERP software for growing manufacturers helps with inventory control, lot tracking, material traceability and production costing so you can focus on managing the rest of your business.

Serious software that's seriously easy.™

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